Samstag, 22. Januar 2011


HAP 007: Rupture/Opposition Party - 7”: Here is the newest HATE APE PRODUCTIONS release, RUPTURE live (last gig) meets OPPOSITION PARTY, snotty Hardcore punk from Perth, Australia and old style Punk from Singapore. Although from decade ago so far, this one just suits me perfectly, so here you go, getting the same vibe hopefully. Surf with me, Baby. Play, hate, destroy. Whatever. Limited to 500 copies.

RSR 105: Cyness/PLF - 7”: CYNESS from Potsdam teams up with P.L.F. from Houston Texas on this 7”. Cyness is acting over decade brutal grind metal, here are 3 new Tracks, recorded in 2010. P.L.F. is the illegitimate marriage of grindcore and thrash metal. For those that buy into the idea that Rock and Roll has lost its grit, PLF and the Gulf Coast Hardcore scene should renew your faith.

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hatred surge/ mammoth grinder  spl cd
magrudergrind  crusher  mcd
brodys militia  covered in violence   lp/cd
amputee  7"

haymaker demo lp
in disgust/plf  spl lp

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