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NOISEAR / THE ARSONS PROJECT                                                       SPL 7"                    5,5eu
( 4 new tracks of each,us/swe total grind mayhem,lim 550,on relapse )
ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN  " ANIMALS OF THE MUSIK BUSINESS "       7"                    4eu
( brand new 7",old school grind as fuck )
UNHOLY GRAVE / FETUS EATERS                                                         SPL 7"                    4eu
( back in stock )

GODEATER / KURT RUSSEL                                                                  SPL 7"                    4eu
( 2x us powerviolence,new on tvg rec)
SWARRRM / ATKA                                                                                SPL7"                     4eu  
( jap  progressive  power chaos grind vs germ tech grind attack,new on ecocentric rec )        
WAR MASTER  " THRONES OF TYRANNY "                                                   7"                    5eu
(Houston’s tyrannical old school death metal mercenaries’ debut 7” single full of the power crazed carnage found on their sold out demo with added monstrous war mongering madness for the mentally murdered. Still worshipping at the altar of Bolt Thrower, there are hints of Swedish death metal in this as well.incl insect warfare members and daniel shaw artwork )
NOISEAR / SUPERBAD / SEAN  " GRINDCORE MARAUDERS "                    LP                    10eu
(New Mexican grind-terror NOISEAR teams with Portland blast crusaders SUPERBAD and Seattle instrumental prog-grind duo SEAN to campaign for complete speed noise domination! In total 19 tracks that include 3 collaborations with members from each band- one of which is a MAN IS THE BASTARD cover! The answer to the age old question: what would have happened if DISCORDANCE AXIS and ASSÜCK shared a split with NAKED CITY covering GOBLIN? Limited to only 500 copies pressed on color vinyl.
SANDOKHAN/KRUPSKAYA                                                                                       SPL LP                         10eu
(SANDOKHAN is two guys playing insanely fast Grindcore the old school way. This is the first recording of this band, whose members play in some other grind-bands that are quite known in the genre.like keitzer/toxic revolution...Sometimes they slow down, playing some neat blastbeat, just to regain the highspeed again. And yet you get the impression of some melody (!) and recognition value within the 13 songs that they finish in 7 minutes! ROOOARR!!!
KRUPSKAYA from the UK are already well-known in the Grindcore-scene. After one full length CD, several 7”es and split releases with bands such as Kill a Celebrity, Trendy Bastard , Black Sister and others they again impress with a very unique style of extreme music. The riffing reaches from ultra fast shredding to noisy interludes with dissonant melodies that never lack of the right portion groove. Supported by a drummer who truly flips over himself and a voice screaming so intensely and fierce, KRUPSKAYA’s music stands out. One of the best and most innovative Grindcore-bands of our time.
NASHGUL " EL DIA DESPUES "                                                                   LP                     10eu
( 1st full lenght by spanish grind warriors,incl repulsion cover thats not on cd version )
KILL THE CLIENT  " SET FOR EXTINCTION "                                                    LP                   14eu
( KILL THE CLIENT embodies the essence of nihilistic grindcore on their Relapse debut ‘Set for Extinction’. Nineteen tracks explode like IED’s and spread with the subtlety of sonic napalm, driven froth by punishing low-end distortion and the machine-gun drumming of Bryan Fajardo. KILL THE CLIENT have reached a new apex with ‘Set for Extinction’, and in the process created a post-millenial classic.lim 600,on relapse )
PHOBIA  " UNRELENTING "                                                                             LP                     13eu
(Grindcore devotees PHOBIA return to the Relapse fold with their new ep Unrelenting. Unrelenting is a blistering set of proper grind, bringing together d-beat tradition with the speed and savagery of modern metal.lim 500,on relapse )
DESKONOCIDOS  " EN LA ESCURIDAS "                                                         LP                    10eu
(After two great singles, Texas' Deskonocidos offer up their debut long-player. While I loved the 7"s, I had a feeling that this band would really shine on 12", and that's definitely the case. Anyone who has seen these guys live knows they can play their asses off, and they exploit that versatility here by seamlessly weaving between dark post-punk, blistering hardcore and anthemic punk. This is one dense, melodic, and ultimately memorable beast... definitely one of the best 12"s of 2010... highly recommended!
NUNSLAUGHTER  " BLACK "                                                                       MCD                    8eu
(Comes on a BLACK disc with black ink printed on a black booklet. The Masters of Devil Metal Death with their latest EP for February 2010 simply dubbed "Black" in reference to the visual aesthetic of the peculiar packaging. Features four brand new studio blasphemies that you won’t find on any of their other 100+ releases: Fuck The Bastard, Before You Cast A Spell, Yet The Odor Still Lingers, Grave, Grave.
THE BASTARD NOISE  " A CULTURE OF MONSTERS "                                CD                     9eu
( cd version of new lp by us cult band )
KILL THE CLIENT  " SET TO EXTINCTION "                                                   CD                     12eu
( cd version of brand new album )
IN DISGUST  " SAN JOSE OLDIES VOL 1  "                                                  CD                     9eu
(From the rotting carcass of both UZI SUICIDE and HOSTILE TAKEOVER rose IN DISGUST. San Jose's odd couple of straight edge and beligerant drunks joined together by a general hate for humanity. Inspired by early 90's west coast power violence and grindcore- IN DISGUST has taken control of the current wave of power violence, ruling it with a fist made of iron and cocaine.
GRIDE  " FASTER THAN DEATH HARDER THAN LIFE "                                 CD                     9eu     
( usa tour cd, 54 tracks from different releases by cz cult fascore band,taken from lps,spl lp,7"s... )
(incl all the spl 7"s,spl lp with ira et decessus + some unreleased tracks for comp )
PHOBIA  " LOUD,PROUD, AND GRIND AS FUCK!  "                                       CD                     10eu
( killer live cd from kings of grind,new on deep six ) 
 VA/ SMALL DOSES: 100 way comp CD                                                          CD                   8eu
(100 grindcore/noisecore/noise bands in 44min slaugther!!! inc. 40 page booklet and die cut covers 
to name a few: 7mon,rupture,agathocles,csmd,sete star sept,wadge,dispepsia,nikudorei.... 
BESTIAL MOCKERY  " CHRISTCRUSHING HAMMERCHAINSAW "                    CD                   9eu(Their long out-of-print debut album (often regarded as their finest effort), now re-issued on CD with new artwork (in color) by Chris Moyen.  Unpure, unholy, untight buzzing chainsaw guitars thrashing ugly punkish black metal riffs backed by mental vocals screaming rants of war, hate, blasphemy and Satan.)
NUNSLAUGHTER  " HEX "                                                                                 CD                  10eu
(Like blood soaked entrails ripped from the disemboweled body of christ, NunSlaughter rape the heavens with their much awaited third studio album!   "Hex" is a pyre of 80's Devil Metal Death featuring ten new satanic commandments plus the devil's seven classic cuts on the "Face of Evil" demo finally re-recorded in a proper studio!   There is no sign of "progression", "maturing" or other form of weakness; "Hex" is a continuation of NunSlaughter's last album or last 7" EP and soon to become a fan favorite...   This is the same music you've enjoyed for the last two fucking decades!!
PERVERSOR " DEMON METAL "                                                                       CD                 9eu
(The mid '80s are alive... in 2010! Already a cult name in the underground, on their latest "Demon Metal" mini album PERVERSOR take the evil surge of classic German blackthrash and bolster it with chaotic undercurrents of archaic Brazilian bestiality. However, these Chilean troops of doom are no "retro" joke band, as they're more than able to stand ground with modern bands like Revenge and Diocletian in terms of ultraviolence. Fuck your goofy neo-"thrash" - PERVERSOR bleed leather, spikes, and SATANIC METAL!!!
EVIL ARMY " EVIL ARMY "                                                                                CD                  9eu
(Most metal fucks missed this while the punks bought the first pressing on Get Revenge Recs. This Hells Headbangers re-issue has a re-worked layout with new interior artwork & band photo.
Some of the very best real thrash around these days! Not to be lumped in with the latest craze of crappy thrash polluting the underground. Features 13 tracks of demonic driven speed metal with a raw hardcore attitude. For fans of old SLAYER, D.R.I., old METALLICA ("Kill 'Em All" era). GET THIS!
DRUNKEN BASTARDS " HORNS OF THE WASTED "                                         CD                   9euBaptized in speed and blood, the toxic oil of the 1980's is pumping in the veins of DRUNKEN BASTARDS! With their second album Horns of the Wasted, these hungover Hungarian's blitz the senses with galloping hardcore punk and evil blackthrashing metal, taking all the vilest aspects of the '80s underground and warping 'em into diabolical anthems. Too metal for punk and too punk for metal, DRUNKEN BASTARDS are posercrushing road warriors existing in a no-man's land... and they don't give a fuck as long as they're on the Horns of the Wasted! Expect NO sweetie melodies and NO gushy lyrics, just pure metal exekution straight from fuckin' hell.  FOR DIE HARDS OF: Barbatos, Venom, Driller Killer, old Sodom, Broken Bones, Abigail, and early Kreator.
still in stock

RSR 077: Endless Blockade/Wadge                                                                        7”          4eu
 7 new Tracks from the Canadian Powerhouse + 3 killer Tracks from the mighty Wadge. Endless Blockade team up for this split 7” with Paul Pfeiffers WADGE brutal drum maschine hawaiian exotica grind violence long time in making but finally see the light of the day on RSR. This is for fans of grindcore, Powerviolence and all crazy fucking music!

4th part of puzzle cover version                                                                                            5,5eu 
DEAD RADICAL / REPUBLICORPSE                                                                                                   SPL 7"             4eu
(This is the final musical output for both of these bands! Brutal powerviolence, rotting grindcore, marijuana debacles.
DEEP SHIT  " CREEPIN WHILE YOU SLEEPIN "                                                                                        7"            4eu
(West coast inspired powerviolence! Taking cues from fastcore crews like Plutocracy. Bringing in their own unique Wisconsin flavor! Righteous blasts and tight lines reign in over in-your-throat vocals! Crept' in from the cold crews of the Wisconsin border! Blasting fastcore!
IMAGEN  " Y AHORA QUE "                                                                                        7"         4eu
(reissue of Imagen "Y ahora que?" 1989 chaotic & destroy hardcore from punk Medellin, Colombia, cover differents colors hand numbered copies limit to 510 copies,Y ahora qué is a crazy and fast chaotic thrash attack in native language, a must for every fan of spanish hardcore.
LORD GREEN  " HIGHER THAN GOD "                                                                                                        7"             4eu
(Guitar solos, heavy sound walls and fuzzed out vocals make this for a killer record. Good time changes and solid sound walls round out the two songs on this single. Slow parts and heavy rock parts combine in to make a unique sound for these folks. This release would totally fit well next to SHEEEP, being a noisy blend of psychedelic thrashcore!

SISTA KRIGET – S/T –                                                                                                7”             4eu (Great Swedish inspired 80’s hardcore/raw punk. Members of Pisschrist, Fy Fan…new on d-takt rapunk)

RAW NOISE  " SCUM WILL RISE..."                                                                                                               7"          5eu
Revenge of UK KING OF CRUSTIES! RAW NOISE is a side project band by DEAN, the singer/frontman of mighty EXTREME NOISE TERROR coming back to tour Japan in summer of 2009! This is a long awaited brand new single after the album released few years ago.In opposite to ENT evolving to much brutal way with death metalish elements, RAW NOISE continues to blast under the vein of traditional LATE 80's UK crustcore vein.4 tracks of intense, brutal, bulldozing punk as fuck attack!!! 
 NUNSLAUGHTER / DR. SHRINKER                                                                    SPL PIC 7"    5,5euWe call upon the spirit world to summon up the dead....
Often a fan favorite, the long out-of-print 7" EP from 2001 now re-issued as a Picture Disc with insert & re-worked layout. NUNSLAUGHTER offer with great pissed studio sound quality their blasphemous christ-hating Death Metal hits "Ouija" and "I Saw Your God Die".   DR. SHRINKER, one of the most underrated yet completely amazing bands to have ever come from the late 80's CULT death metal underground, offer a previously unreleased track recorded during "The Eponym" demo session.
NUNSLAUGHTER / RABID                                                                                                                   SPL PIC 7"         5,5eu1 sided picture record with exclusive cover songs from both bands for this release only! NUNSLAUGHTER cover Corrosion of Conformity's "Holier" while RABID's brand of old school thrash perform a cover of The Adicts "Get Addicted". Great full color artwork thanks to Josh Mclear. B-SIDE has a sharp laser etching in the vinyl.
NUNSLAUGHTER / BLOODSICK                                                                                                         SPL PIC 7"        5,5eu Minions of hell blacken the sky, christians of god are about to die....
Often a fan favorite, the long out-of-print 7" EP from 1997 now re-issued as a Picture Disc with insert & re-worked layout. NUNSLAUGHTER side features their now classick hits "I.N.R.I.", "Power of Darkness" and a cover song of SACRIFICE with great pissed studio sound quality . BLOODISCK a band formed in the mid-90’s with the damned spirit of vintage 80's thrash offer two studio tracks: "Fear No God" & "Smothered In Blood".
NUNSLAUGHTER / GOATSODOMY                                                                        SPL 7"        5,5euAll copies pressed on black night vinyl with astrobrite green jacket & insert. Cover artwork by the legendary Drew Elliot.  NUNSLAUGHTER with 2 never before released songs ("Necromancy" and "The Creeper") originally featured on the unreleased "Seven Deadly Sins" 2005 demo circulated only to close contacts. Finland's GOATSODOMY play warring bestial Death Metal as displayed on the "Trampling the Holy Faith" compilation LP with Profanatica. Their set list includes "Antichrist 666" (unreleased from the 2005 demo), "Nightbeast" (unreleased from the 2004 demo), and a NunSlaughter cover track of "Sacrificial Zombie".
NUNSLAUGHTER - Metal Assault On Melbourne & Brisbane                                   3x  7"      13euThe final pieces of the puzzle in the Metal Assault 7” series.  Recorded live in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia in August 2003.   Great sound, killer set list and typical charisma you would expect from a NunSlaughter ritual.   Features band photos & concert flyers.
HERÄTYS  " HELLVETTIIN JA..."                                                                                     7"        4eu
( Hailing from south of Sweden, this band just owns so fucking much. They sound like a mix between TOTALITÄR from Sweden and snotty 80's Finnish rawpunk! Simple riffs and just straight in your face d-beat HC/Punk, you gotta love it. 6 new sonx!!
 NUNSLAUGHTER - Black                                                                                           7"          5,5euBlack Vinyl with black hard-board jacket & insert printed with black ink. The Masters of Devil Metal Death with their latest EP for February 2010 simply dubbed "Black" in reference to the visual aesthetic of the peculiar packaging. Features four brand new studio blasphemies that you won’t find on any of their other 100+ releases: Fuck The Bastard, Before You Cast A Spell, Yet The Odor Still Lingers, Grave, Grave.
BLÜDWULF   " TRIBAL INSTINCT "                                                                             7"             5,5eu
( new exclusive hits for 2010 from the full metal warriors of bludwulf,a wicked dose of 80s uk hardcore punk and traditional heavy metal thrash,killer shit,only a few
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER / RATOS DE PORAO                                                SPL 10"           10eu
(back in stock,The brazilian thrash-core legends RATOS DE PORAO comes with 5 new tracks in their classic vein from the "Brasil/Anarkophobia" era combinated with their patented 80s southamerican punk-hardcore. For the first time ever theyve recorded two songs never released before on studio, "Guerrear" and "Politicos en Nome do Povo", originally recorded live in their "Ao vivo" album from 1992. on the other side we have LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER delivering 7 new devastating songs in their classic old way grindcore mixed with some crust and also noisecore influences against posers and human misery. "Bombas para la paz", originally recorded on their split cd with Kontraataque, has been re-recorded for this time. Both bands covering each other (RDP plays "Matanza" and LFAA plays "Paranoia nuclear") ending their sides of the record and a total extreme and nice artwork
REASON OF INSANITY  " VIOLENCE  "                                                                     10"              10eu
(Last will and testament by the most underrated US hardcore punk band of the millenium. As originators of Gulf Coast Hardcore, these Texas/Lousiana punk assholes had released numerous EPs/splits on the great but now defunct Burrito Records and have shared members with such underground ...mainstays as GOVERNMENT WARNING, INSECT WARFARE, MUNICIPAL WASTE, SKELETON WITCH, DIRECT CONTROL and PLF among others. This final recording sees the band mutating into 70's Euro punk with keeping the weird Italian hardcore sound they're known for. Members are currently in NO TALK, SECRET PROSTITUTES, HOMOPOLICE and BLOODY HAMMER. Limited to only 300 copies on color vinyl with hand screened covers! 
RATOS DE PORAO "Descanse em paz + live"                             gatefold LP          11eu 
official re-issue of RDP's legendary 2nd album from 1986 plus 5 rare live tracks 1983-1985 some of which are taken from Gordo's first show ever with RDP and are totally unreleased!! Essential Brasilian Hardcore/Thrash, the raging follow-up to the classic "Crucificados Pelo Sistema".. on this album their Punk/HC roots get mixed with a savage dose of early South American school Thrashcore with a dark, nihilistic approach. Comes in a deluxe UV varnished metallic silver gatefold sleeve!!
BOSKOPS  " SOL "                                                                                            LP            10eu
(Out of the ashes of the band BLITZKRIEG from Hannover, northern Germany, the Boskops were formed in 1982. The Boskops were one of the most important german bands, alongside other bands like BLUT & EISEN, TOXOPLASMA or SLIME! In 1983 FROSTSCHUTZ RECORDS released their first LP "Sol 12". The original line-up consisted of two guitarists (one male, one female), a bassplayer, a vocalist and a drummer. Due to the Boskops' two guitar players and a vocalist with a roaring strong voice, their first LP stands as a good stylistic example of what later become known as "Thrashpunk" - less instrumental proficiency but raw highspeed energy and sonic brutality. This is an officical re-press which comes with a 24-pages booklet and a huge poster. Classic!
WAR VICTIMS / UNCURBED                                                                            SPL LP                10eu
( back inn,d-beat to the max )
MACABRE  " HUMAN MONSTERS "                                                                          LP             11eu
(They're back!!!!
Limited vinyl only pressing of 1,000 copies.
The first new MACABRE music in 8 years,  out on Obscene Productions.
This is a preview of MACABRE's forthcoming "Grim Scary Tales" full length coming soon,4 track mlp,col.vinyl )
DARGE  " DESEPERO "                                                                                        MCD            8eu
This is a new band formed by OZE, ex-member of ARIZE(R.I.P.) who is the most active person in Gifu-city hardcore punk scene after the SDS got defunct. This MCD is the immortal flame of Gifu-city hardcore punk! With the SDS influenced sharp edged metalish guitar, dynamic drive, this thrashy blast of metalish crusty core can maybe figured as Japanese version of SACRILEGE or ENGLISH DOGS? Featuring new member RAFAEL from N.E.K./KARASU KILLER RECORDS as a bassist and also some also on portuguese, this totally rocks, original, deep hardcore punk with might and main! Total 5 tracks!
RAW NOISE  " SYSTEM NEVER "                                                                           CD            10eu
UK KING OF CRUST CORE IS BACK! RAW NOISE is side project band by DEAN of EXTREME NOISE TERROR returning back to "hard-core punk" scene with their successful Japan tour with SLANG in 2009! This is their long-awaited 2nd full album following to the latest 7"EP released in summer of 2009 by MCR! The totally bulldozing straightforward crustcore attack which reminds the classic 1st EP recognized as the UK crust core masterpiece, and yes, this is more brutal than ever! Remember the days of late 80's to early 90's with the bands such like ENT - DOOM - EXCREMENT OF WAR....... and today, now, this stuff is going to erupt your head! 12 tracks in total!!!
V.A./ YOTSUVA                                                                                                CD                 10eu
( 4 band/12 songs,Great jap noiz compilation attacked again with CD version!!!
tracks from zyanose,isterismo,death dust extractor and lastly,lp version on crust war rec )
V/A  LIFE CONCEPTION                                                                                            CD        10eu
(This is a HOT NAGOYA-CHUKYO area compilation by the new-old PUNK/HC bands! Starting off with ACUTE cosisting of ex-Soothe, Tomorrow, Curioso members playing raging intense female vocal HC, next comes HIBIKI playing hyper speedy thrash with serious Japanese lyrics. Next comes Nagoya's veteran doom rock band ETERNAL ELYSIUM, and next comes Accused style ugly crossover cult horror taste HC ADA+MAX, next:brutal metalish heavy HC DEIEDRO LOS DIABLOS, next:raging hot japcore MAD GUILLOTINES! Next:UK80's style male/female dual vocals HC punk band A.S.K. next:brutal bulldozing crusty grind HC DISGUST, next:ex-Chainsaw singer Jerry's new band BUILD MORE SPEED playing technical thash metalish crossover male/female dual vo HC. Next comes STRIKE OUT from OKAZAKI city playing rockin' driving HC and at last finally comes GENBAKU ONANIES! Total 11 bands, 2 songs each, an awsome copIlation produced by Shinobu(MAD GUILLOTINES)!!!
LE SCRAWL  " SNOWBLIND "                                                                                     CD         10eu
( brand new cd by germ. avantgard grinders,13 new tracks,mixed by harris johns again,killer )
WEHRMACHT "Shark attack"                                                                                      CD         11eu
(best sounding remaster to date for the classic debut album "Shark attack" (1987), a milestone of furious Thrash/Speedcore + 12 bonus tracks taken
from rare demos 1985 mastered from the original reels for best possible sound quality. Huge booklet with ALL existing photos, lyrics and liner notes.with 20 page full color booklet
Over 70 minutes of ultra fast THRASH attack!)
 WEHRMACHT "Biermacht"                                                                                         CD          11eu

(best sounding remaster to date for their 2nd classic album "Biermacht" (1988), another highly influential masterpiece of Thrash/Speedcore + 18 bonus tracks!! Includes their complete "Beermacht" Demotape 1986 and a full live set 1986 as opening act for POISON IDEA and CORROSION OF
CONFORMITY. with 20 page full color booklet , Pioneers of lightning fast shark endorsed party Thrash!!  77 minutes!)