Freitag, 24. September 2010


RSR 001Accoustic Grinder/Entrails Massacre7"  sold ou
RSR 002Meat shits/W.B.I.7"                             sold out
RSR 003Meat shits  Final exit 7"                      sold out
RSR 004Cripple Bastards/Patareni7"               sold out
RSR 005Rest in Pain/Vaginal Massaker7"         sold out
RSR 006Senseless Apocalypse  st  7"              sold out
RSR 007Meat shits/Necrophiliacs7"                  sold out
RSR 008Pissed of orgasm Pro porn crusader 7"  sold out
RSR 009Gut/Brain damage7"                            sold out
RSR 010Gut/Retaliation7"                                sold out
RSR 011Deche Charge1024 song 7"                sold out
RSR 012Rot/Entrails Massacre7"                     sold out
RSR 013Gut  Odour of torture CD                   sold out
RSR 014W.B.I.Alcoholic birth MCD
RSR 015Agathocles/Carcass Grinder 7"           sold out
RSR 016Präparation H/Wadge7"                     sold out
RSR 017Gerogerigegege  All you need... 7"     sold out
RSR 018$krupel7"                                         sold out
RSR 019RuptureFreudsteins house 7"             sold out
RSR 020Flächenbrand  Völkermord 3" MCD     sold out
RSR 021Wadge10"                                       sold out
RSR 022Inward7"
RSR 023Rupture/Flächenbrand7"                   sold out
RSR 024Fuck on the beach/Flächenbrand7"    sold out
RSR 025Blower/WadgeCD
RSR 026Wadge/Shit on Command7"             sold out
RSR 027D.I.E./Realized7"
RSR 028$krupelCD
RSR 029Nyctophobic -Insects-LP                  sold out
RSR 030Anal Cunt/Flächenbrand7"               sold out
RSR 031Bad Acid TripCD                            sold out
RSR 032SterbehilfeMCD                              sold out
RSR 033Genocide SSThe Iron Cross 7"  SOLD OUT
RSR 034Flächenbrand  LP
RSR 035Sanitys Dawn/Fetus Eaters CD   SOLD OUT
RSR 036Le Scrawl  discogr. LP
RSR 037Unholy Grave/Kerum7"              SOLD OUT
RSR 038$krupel/Rupture7"
RSR 039Regurgitate/Noisear7"       SOLD OUT
RSR 040Suppression  discogr. CD
RSR 042Sanitys Dawn/YacopsaeCD   SOLD OUT
RSR 043Jesus of NazarethCD
RSR 044Fuck on the beach/Matka Teresa 7"   SOLD OUT
RSR 045George Harrison/Conga Fury7"        sold out
RSR 046Birdflesh/The Kill 7"                  
RSR 047Entrails Massacre CD
RSR 048Brodys Militia  tribute to 7"
RSR 049Le Scrawl10"
RSR 050Wadge - Road to Hana - CD
RSR 051Phobia/$krupel - Another 4 years of murder - 7"  SOLD OUT
RSR 052Brutal Death7"
RSR 053Hail of RageCD
RSR 054Brutal Death/$krupel7"
RSR 055Uzi Suicide/Pretty little Flower7"  SOLD OUT
RSR 056Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Honkey Reduction - LP + 7"
RSR 056.5Agoraphobic Nosebleed  bonus 7"               SOLD OUT
RSR 057Disclose - Apocalypse of death -7"  SOLD OUT
RSR 058Poser Disposer CD
RSR 059Fuck on the beachpic 10"
RSR 060Sanitys Dawn/Magrudergrind7"   SOLD OUT
RSR 061Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare7"
RSR 062Bloody Phoenix/System Shit7"
RSR 063Insect Warfare  endless execution CD
RSR 064Yacopsae  discoregraphy do CD
RSR 065Yacopsae/Massgrav5"
RSR 066Wadge double-take...CD
RSR 067Disclose/Framtid7"            SOLD OUT
RSR 068Endless Demise/Slaughter of the Innocents7"
RSR 069Shitstorm/The Gentle Art of Chokin7"
RSR 070Regurgitate/Skullhog7"
RSR 071Su 19b   discogr CD
RSR 072Caper7"
RSR 073Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Crom7"
RSR 074Insect Warfare  world extermination  LP/CD
RSR 075Attack of the Mad Axeman   st  LP
RSR 076Noisear  pyroplastic  LP/CD
RSR 077The endless blockade /Wadge 7"  NOT OUT YET
RSR 079Weekend Nachos  punish CD
RSR 080Thousandswilldie 7"
RSR 081 Quattro Stagioni  LP  
RSR 082Meatlocker LP
RSR 083Dot (.)/Su19b CD
RSR 085Kill The Client/Thousandswilldie 7"
RSR 086Voetsek one sided Tour 7" 2008 7"
RSR 087BruceXCampbell CD
RSR 088Mindless 7"
RSR 091Gentle Art of Chokin  1 sided LP
RSR 092Attack of the Mad Axeman  scumdogs of ...LP
RSR 093Uzi Suicide  discogr  CD
RSR 095Extortion / Septic Surge 7"
RSR 096Judas 7  
RSR 097Elephant man / Bastard squad  cd
RSR 098Su19b/dreadeye spl 7"
RSR 099In Disgust / Plf  spl cd/lp
RSR 100Haymaker  DEMO LP
RSR 101Hatred Surge  Deconstruct LP
RSR 102Lotus Fucker lp
RSR 103Sick-fucking-o  7"     not out yet
RSR 104Quattro Stagioni  cd   not out yet


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