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HAP 008: Love Potion “Intimacy” - 7”: early 90s danish Hardcore in the vein of Death Token style reminding of Gasmask Terror, in that they both play fast and dirty not PC hardcore that just skirts crust territory, but never quite crosses the line, and instead favors tighter playing and more memorable riffs. Great vocals on this one, too. This is a great 3 Tracks record, but not for PC addicted guys. Awesome artwork by Sugi, limited to 500.
RSR 088: Mindless - Human conditioning e.p. - 7”: MINDLESS comes at you full force with seven songs in just under eight minutes. Bringing their own unique style of hook driven hardcore with very present grindcore and power violence influences, MINDLESS will drown you in negative noise. Very reminiscent of a record in the 90's that would be on Pessimiser or Slap A Ham. Same goes for the aesthetic of the artwork, UGLY. DARK. ANGRY. Each song is layered with tempo changes ala CROSSED OUT, SPAZZ and specifically INFEST - NO MAN'S SLAVE. Buzzsaw guitars over carefully crafted blasting paired with blown out female-fronted gut-wrenching vocals. If you are looking for something to furiously bang your head to, pick up this 7"!

RSR 099: In Disgust/PLF- LP/CD: the In Disgust side is 11 songs of violent HC grind and ghetto dislocation. Raw like the ugliness of real life, ID build it up and barrel through these tracks with a blasting, no bullshit pace, and a heaviness you expect from West Coast Powerviolence.ex members of UZI SUICIDE, On the flipside, PLF unleash track after track of relentless, thrashing grindcore. Tons of circle-pitting thrash metal parts and ultra tight stops punctuate the endless killing of this Gulf Coast Grind machine. Top notch recording, and cover art by Daniel Shaw (Insect Warfare, War Master).

RSR 098: Su19b/Dreadeye - split 7”: New stuff by the japanese sludgy Powerviolence Monsters Su19b like mixed CORRUPTED with CROSSED OUT. Members of Final Exit continuing their audio onslaught with 3 new smashers, vs. 3 tracks of pure Tokyo Powerviolence unlimited destruction, limited to 500 copies, This is the 3rd part of puzzle cover edition.

RSR 097: Elephant man/Bastard Squad split - CD: Sick West Bay Doomryder Hardcore!!  Elephant man features Mike from Capitalist Casualties, and Frank from Agents of Satan, mixing up grind, punk and Sabbath riffs, with screaming in Japanese! 6 Tracks , not unlike that of Sleep, Iron Monkey, old Napalm Death and Capitalist Casualties. Bastard Squad features the legendary Stinkweed from Plutocracy, No Le$$, and Go Like This, and Mike from West Bay psychos Apeshit, ripping up sickening riffage and fucked up samples the way only the West Bay can! 6 Tracks in the vein of Plutocracy, Go like this, Kalmex and the Riffmerchants. This will appeal to Doomryder Fanatics only!!!! Fuck all you haters!! Hailz to the West Bay Coalition!

RSR 096: Judas - 1sided 7”: After brilliant st 7" on 16oh rec, here are 5 new smasher on 1 sided 7", Judas thrashing out some of the amazing Hardcore overall violent and dark atmosphere. The songs are rather short, burning out in an explosive mixture between Powerviolence and Sludgecore in the vein of Crossed Out, Eyehategod, Infest, MITB. Silkscreened handmade cover.lim 500, a must!

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